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“Nice Job Ron!” Victoria Tocolini, Principal of St. Joseph School in Hilo, would like to publicly thank Ron Friman for his great work in power washing all the roofs of the school buildings. Ron a Puako church parishioner, is the owner of Expert Window Cleaning. Let us help Ron for helping out the school in a special way.
                                                                            Victoria Tocolini
                                                                            St. Joseph School
                                                                            Hilo Hawaii
“On 4-30-09 your employee Polo did a Marvelous job. He also unstuck some of my patio doors and was extremely polite.
Thank you.”                                    
                                                        Gloria Fingard
                                                        Northbrook Illinois
The Expert Employees arrive on time on the day scheduled and do a great job of window cleaning while causing as little disruption to out daily operations as possible.
They are professional, courteous and efficient. I would recommend Expert as a cleaning resource for any Department on campus.
                                                           Emily Higgins
                                                           Facilities Coordinator
                                                           Northwestern University Alumni Relations